BJP’s bulldozer carrying ‘hatred and terror’, says Rahul Gandhi after houses of Muslims destroyed in MP

The government should run a bulldozer over problems of the people such as inflation and unemployment but the BJP’s bulldozer is carrying “hatred and terror”, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Tuesday.

His attack on the BJP came after the Khargone district administration in Madhya Pradesh started demolition of at least 50 structures of Muslims after violence by Hindu mobs during Ram Navami rallies in the region.

More than 80 people have been arrested after violence at a Ram Navami procession followed by large-scale arson in Khargone, officials said.

All the arrested people are Muslims and no Hindus have been arrested, the quint reported.

The state government said damage caused to public and private properties during the violence will be “recovered from rioters”.

“Inflation and unemployment have left the people of the country gasping. The government should run a bulldozer over these problems of the people. But the bulldozer of the BJP is carrying hatred and terror,” Gandhi said in a tweet in Hindi.

Violence marred Ram Navami celebrations in parts of India, with one person killed and 12 others injured at Lohardaga in Jharkhand, while a curfew was clamped following arson in Khargone city.

Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram also attacked the BJP over violence during Ram Navami celebrations.

“Lord Ram is celebrated as Maryada Purushottam, which means the epitome of righteousness. On Lord Ram’s birthday, acts of intolerance, violence and hate are committed,” he said in a tweet.

“The highest leaders of the country refuse to hear or see the evil of spreading hate. Their mouths are shut. Everyday, we are becoming a less free country. All right-thinking people should condemn the violence and the intimidation unleashed by self-appointed guardians of the country,” Chidambaram said.

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