In Pictures: Muslims in Kashmir observe Jumat-ul-Vida

On the last Friday of Ramzan, Kashmir Muslims gathered across several mosques and shrines in Kashmir to offer congregational Friday prayers.

The historic Jamia Masjid, however, remained locked as authorities disallowed prayers citing “law and order problems” as reason.

Processions were taken out from several localities in Kashmir in solidarity with Palestine and to mark the Youm-e-Quds. Banners reading “Free Palestine” were seen pasted on a mosque entrance in Srinagar.

Rest in pictures.

Jamia masjid and its market were locked up by the authorities on the occasion of Jumat-ul Vida in Srinagar, Kashmir. [FPK Photo/Zainab]

A man clears up the grass from a graveyard in Srinagar. Muslims often recite Fateh prayers for the deceased on the day of Jumat-ul Vida. [FPK Photo Mounis bin Muzaffar Khan]

“Free Palestine” poster is seen put up at the entrance of a mosque in Srinagar. [FPK Photo/Amir Bin Rafi]

A Kashmiri muslim woman collects donations from devotees at Jamia Masjid, Islambad. [FPK Photo/Muzammil Bashir]

Kashmiri muslim men spread a carpet for congregational prayers in the compound of Khanqah-e Moula, Srinagar. [FPK Photo/Zainab]

A Kashmir muslim man performs ablution for congregational Jumat-ul Vida prayers at Khanqah-e Moula, Srinagar. [FPK Photo/Mounis bin Muzaffar Khan]

In solidarity with Palestine, a man treads over an Israel flag placed at the entrance of mosque to mark Youm-e Quds. [FPK Photo/Amir bin Rafi]

Kashmiri muslims are seen offering congregational Jumat-ul Vida Prayers at Khanqah e Moula, Srinagar. [FPK Photo/Mounis Bin Muzaffar Khan]

Kashmiri muslims enter the shrine of Syed Yaqoob Sahab, Sonwar, for congregational Jumat-ul Vida prayers. [FPK Photo/Masroor Ashraf]

A child hides in a bag while sipping a fruit drink in the compund of Khanqah-e Moula in Srinagar. [FPK Photo/Zainab]

Kashmiri muslims offer prayers outside a mosque in Srinagar’s neighbourhood of Gaw Kadal. [FPK Photo/Mounis Bin Muzaffar Khan]

A Kashmiri muslim woman reacts while offering congregational Jumat-ul Vida prayers at Khanqah-e Moula Srinagar. [FPK Photo/Zainab]

An armed forces personnel stands deployed outside the historic Jamia Masjid which remained locked up on the day of Jumat-ul Vida in Srinagar. [FPK Photo/Zainab]


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