Indian woman ditches husband, travels to Pakistan to meet Facebook lover

The Lalazar Top Batakundi Naran, Pakistan. [Photo: Unspalsh/ Kashif Afridi]

Rajasthan: Amidst the ongoing investigation into Pakistani national Seema Haider’s illegal entry into India, an Indian woman from Rajasthan’s Bhiwadi district traveled to Pakistan to meet her Facebook lover.

The woman, identified as Anju, informed her husband Arvind that she was going to Jaipur for a few days. However, it was later discovered through the media that she had actually crossed the border into Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to meet her online friend, Nasrullah.

Arvind learned about his wife’s unexpected journey through the news but was in touch with her through WhatsApp. On Sunday, Anju called him from Lahore and assured him that she would return in two to three days.

When questioned about the rumored lover in Pakistan, Arvind acknowledged being aware of the situation and expressed hope that his wife would come back to him.

Both Arvind and Anju work in Bhiwadi, with Anju employed as a biodata entry operator at a private firm. They have two children together and got married after Anju converted to Christianity to be with Arvind. The family, along with Anju’s brother, resided in a rented flat in Bhiwadi.

Anju had obtained her passport in 2020 with the intention of applying for a job abroad. However, she ultimately used it to travel to Pakistan to meet Nasrullah, the man she befriended and fell in love with on Facebook.

After reaching Pakistan, Anju was taken into police custody initially but was later released after her travel documents were verified. Authorities provided security to ensure her safety and prevent any incidents that could tarnish the country’s reputation.

Seema Haider hails from Sindh province in Pakistan. According to reports, she got in touch with her Indian lover Sachin Meena while playing the online game PUBG in 2019-20 and eventually, the two talked over Whatsapp and Instagram before falling in love with each other. Haider sneaked into India in May without a visa.

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