Beheaded body of 12-yr-old student found inside Madrassa hostel in Assam

Students in Madrassa as they recite verses of holy Quraan. [File Photo]

Guwahati: The beheaded body of a 12-year-old student was found inside the hostel of a Madrassa in the Chachar district of Assam on Sunday, police said.

A senior official said the incident took place at Darus Salam Hafizia Madrasa in the Dholai area, and his body was noticed by one of the six roommates.

“There were seven students, including the deceased, inside the hostel room. His roommate saw the beheaded body when he woke up in the morning,” the official said.

The body was later to Silchar Medical College and Hospital for post-mortem. Following an autopsy of the body, he was buried on Monday.

Meanwhile, the victim’s family and friends have demanded the death penalty for the accused.

The villagers present at the burial demanded that the accused responsible for the heinous murder receive the death penalty.

A police officer said that Rajibul Hussain went to his room to sleep after dinner on Saturday night and when a madrassa teacher entered the dorm room to awake the pupils up for “Fazr Namaz”, he discovered the beheaded body lying on the floor.

According to accounts, the madrassa administration promptly notified the Cachar police once the body was found.

After arriving at the scene, the police retrieved the body and detained three teachers, along with about 20 other students who were housemates with Hussain. The madrassa has currently been sealed.

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