Haryana violence: Hate being spread against us, say Muslims of Gurugram and Nuh

A muslim man from Nuh, Haryana watching his home being bulldozed. [Photo: X/Gabbar]

Gurugram: Muslim residents from Nuh and Gurugram areas of Haryana have said that hate against them is being spread openly as Hindutva groups continue hate campaigns against Muslims.

“My family does not want money. They only want me to return back to the village,” one of the Muslims Imran Ali tols IANS. A migrant worker from Bihar, Ali  fled Gurugram in fear during the violence on July 31.

Ali (25) had returned to Gurugram two weeks after violence only to collect his belongings.

“My family strictly told me not to work in Gurugram and to return immediately. Even after much persuasion, they did not agree and asked me to return back immediately,” Ali told IANS.

On July 31, religious riots erupted in Nuh in which six people were killed while 88 were grievously injured.

A Muslim resident of Nuh, whose house was razed by the authorities during demolition drive against “illegal construction” drive, told IANS that he had long expected that BJP’s religious rhetoric will cause riots in their area which will target Muslims.

“Majority of Hindus have come to believe that people in Nuh were involved in the riots, which is not true. Just like Hindus we Muslims are equally Indians,” he said. He recalled how Hindus during Yatra used abusive language against Muslims.

The Nuh violence had spread to Gurugram, as Hindu mobs rampaged through the streets, chanting Hindu nationalist slogans and targeting Muslim shanties and businesses. The Gurugram police had failed to stop the violence.

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