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Two lakh Hindu pilgrims perform Machail Mata yatra in Kishtwar

Machail Mata temple in Kishtwar.

Kishtwar: This year, the Machail Mata Yatra witnessed a record-breaking attendance of nearly 2 lakh Hindu pilgrims. The pilgrimage has become increasingly popular over the years, drawing devotees seeking the blessings of Chandi Mata.

The pilgrimage experienced a significant surge in attendance compared to the previous year, with numbers increasing from around 58,000 in 2022 to 1.94 lakh in 2023.

Several factors contributed to this meteoric rise, including well-organized arrangements, improved boarding facilities by the District Administration, and efficient event scheduling. The Yatra’s newfound popularity highlights its enduring spiritual significance for countless devotees.

The temple’s Kapat/Door opening ceremony took place during the auspicious Baishakhi festival in April 2023, marking the beginning of pilgrims’ visits.

The official commencement of the Yatra was on July 25, 2023, and it started with a substantial influx of devotees, setting the stage for a momentous pilgrimage.

Key accomplishments included the provision of accommodation at Yatri Bhawan in Gulabgarh, capable of hosting 2000 pilgrims simultaneously. The addition of Mushroom Luxury Tents and Sapphire Guest House in Gulabgarh further enhanced the comfort of pilgrims. A tent city surrounding the temple at Machail Bhawan and local stay houses also became significant attractions.

Infrastructure improvements, such as the development of the BT Road up to Kundhail and the opening of the trekking PMJSY road from Mov up to Hamouri village, reduced travel time and fatigue for pilgrims, making the Yatra more accessible and efficient.

The District Administration, under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner Kishtwar Dr. Devansh Yadav, launched the official website of Machail Mata Yatra, providing real-time updates and inquiries for pilgrims, enhancing their convenience.

A notable addition was the installation of a 30 KV Solar Power Plant at the Machail temple, providing illumination and enhancing convenience during evening and night visits. Uninterrupted 4G mobile connectivity at Machail also improved communication and security for pilgrims.

Micro ATM facilities placed strategically along the route facilitated cash transactions for pilgrims. Chopper facilities from Gulabgarh to Machail and back provided accessibility to those unable to trek by foot, reducing travel time and fatigue.

The 2023 Machail Mata Yatra exemplified the synergy between devotion and administration, providing pilgrims with an unforgettable and spiritually enriching experience. Deputy Commissioner Kishtwar, Dr. Devansh Yadav, oversaw the comprehensive coordination efforts, catering to pilgrims’ needs and unlocking the region’s tourism potential.

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