Destroy madrasas to safeguard Hindutva: BJP leader T Raja Singh

BJP MLA T Raja Singh. [File Photo]

Haryana: Once again, the suspended BJP MLA T Raja Singh has sparked controversy due to his inflammatory statements made at an event organized by a Hindu right-wing group in Hisar, Haryana, on September 6.

In a widely circulated video from the event, notorious hate-monger Singh made disturbing remarks against Muslims that have ignited outrage and condemnation.

In the video, Singh brazenly called for violence against Muslims, stating, “I will behead those who come in the way of making Bharat a Hindu Rashtra (a Hindu nation).” This statement has garnered severe criticism for its violent and divisive nature.

Furthermore, Singh encouraged all Hindus to pledge against what he referred to as “love jihadis” and insisted that Hinduism would be protected at any cost. He expressed his intention to transform India into a Hindu-majority nation, asserting that no force could stop it from happening.

Singh’s rhetoric took an even darker turn as he issued threats against those who speak against Hindus, declaring, “Whoever speaks against Hindus, we will not spare them. I would slaughter those who want Ghazwa-e-Hind.” These comments have raised concerns about the promotion of violence and hatred.

The BJP MLA also directed criticism towards Muslim madrasas, accusing them of training students in activities like stone-pelting and other unlawful actions. He praised the actions of Assam’s Chief Minister in curtailing madrasa activities in his state.

Singh claimed that Muslim children as young as five years old were being trained to attack Parliament, plant bombs, and engage in other destructive activities in madrasas. He argued that destroying madrasas would contribute significantly to safeguarding Hindutva (Hindu culture and identity).

Furthermore, Singh suggested that Hindu children could only be proud of their heritage if Muslims and Christians were “terminated.”

In a derogatory manner, Singh addressed Muslims as “gol topi wale” and alleged that the violence in Nuh was a premeditated attack by Muslims aimed at disrupting Hinduism. These remarks have sparked controversy and condemnation due to their inflammatory and divisive nature.

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