Iran seeking to avoid full-scale conflict with Israel: Report

Widespread destruction and killings caused by Israel in Gaza. [Photo: X]

9,061 Palestinians killed by Israel, mostly women and minors, over 32,000 people are wounded: Health Ministry 

Iran and regional armed groups that have close ties with Tehran are walking a fine line between pushing back against Israel over its military campaign in Gaza and letting the crisis devolve into a full-scale conflict, CNN reported on Thursday, citing sources with knowledge of the matter.

According to US officials interviewed by the American network, Washington believes that Iran does not fully control some of its allied groups, including Lebanon-based Hezbollah, which has been engaged in recurring border clashes with Israel for weeks. American officials “are deeply concerned” that Hezbollah’s internal politics may force the group to escalate the situation, the article says.

Still, according to the report, Iran is aware that if Hezbollah mounts a major attack on Israel or the US – which is West Jerusalem’s key ally – the pushback could lead to “devastating” consequences.

One US official told CNN about the group’s low-level attacks on Israel that the US has allowed Iran to be seen as “doing something” about hostilities in Gaza while avoiding a direct conflict.

CNN sources have described those actions as a “coordinated strategy” while warning that this approach could backfire and cause the situation to spiral out of control even if neither party wants such an outcome.

Amid fears of a broader regional confrontation, the outlet Ynet reported on Friday that Israel is actively procuring weaponry, having already spent some $1.5 billion to buy arms produced both domestically and abroad.

The CNN and Ynet reports come after the Houthi government in Yemen, which has close ties to Iran, confirmed that it had attacked Israel with drones and missiles to support Palestine.

At least 9,061 Palestinians have been killed in air strikes by Israel, mostly women and minors, and more than 32,000 people have been wounded, the Gaza Health Ministry said Thursday.

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