Jeffrey Epstein’s court files unsealed; documents mention Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, other prominent names

Epstein Island owned by American convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein from 1998 until his death in 2019.

On Wednesday, a substantial amount of previously sealed documents related to a lawsuit associated with the accused sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein were made public, CNN reported.

This marks the initial release following a court order from December 18, with more document unveilings anticipated in the coming weeks.

The complete set of documents, which includes material yet to be revealed, is expected to encompass nearly 200 names, featuring Epstein’s accusers, prominent figures in business and politics, and potentially more.

While the first set of documents did not unveil any groundbreaking revelations, as much of the information had already been disclosed through media reports and other legal proceedings, it represents the first time these court-filed documents have been released through the legal system, said the report.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorneys asserted her consistent and vehement denial of guilt in a statement on Wednesday.

The documents contain excerpts from depositions of Maxwell and Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Additionally, there is a deposition from Johanna Sjoberg, who recounted an incident involving Prince Andrew making a joking gesture while taking photos.

Sjoberg’s deposition, now unsealed, revealed her experiences working for Epstein and instances where she felt pressured to engage in sexualised massages. Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre had previously reached an out-of-court settlement in her sexual abuse lawsuit, according to a court document filed by her attorneys.

The transcripts of depositions include references to several well-known figures, such as Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump. In her deposition, Sjoberg recalled Epstein mentioning that Clinton liked young girls, while Clinton’s spokesman reiterated that Clinton had flown on Epstein’s private plane but denied knowledge of Epstein’s crimes.

Sjoberg also recalled a plane trip with Epstein where pilots suggested landing in Atlantic City, prompting Epstein to suggest contacting Donald Trump. However, there is no accusation of wrongdoing by Trump in the documents.

Giuffre alleged in her deposition that Maxwell directed her to have sexual contact with various persons, including Prince Andrew, Bill Richardson, Marvin Minsky, Jean-Luc Brunel, and Glenn Dubin. The documents also mention three unnamed persons and a redacted name.

The unsealed records also include legal motions filed by the attorneys. These documents originated from a settled case brought by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who claimed Epstein sexually abused her as a minor, with Maxwell aiding in the abuse.

The release of the documents does not imply wrongdoing or lawbreaking by those mentioned, as many of the alleged victims and associates have already been identified in the media. Some victim names remain redacted for sensitivity reasons.

Epstein, indicted in 2019 on federal charges of operating a sex trafficking ring, died by suicide in jail while awaiting trial. Maxwell was indicted on sex trafficking charges and was convicted in 2021.

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