‘Modi can’t do it, we will’: Hindu priest Puri Shankaracharya advocates for Hindu Rashtra in India

Modi taking blessings of Hindu priest Puri Shankaracharya.

New Delhi: In a recent interview with a television channel, Hindu Puri Shankaracharya expressed his views on the concept of declaring India as a Hindu Rashtra. When asked whether declaring a Hindu Rashtra in a country where the majority rules over the minority is “correct or not,” the Shankaracharya responded affirmatively, suggesting that it should be considered.

However, he noted that the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi might face limitations in implementing such a declaration due to constitutional constraints.

According to the Shankaracharya, the constitution does not permit Modi to unilaterally declare a Hindu Rashtra. In light of this, he said that they will actively create an environment conducive to its realisation.

The Shankaracharya’s statements have sparked discussions on the intersection of religious sentiments, constitutional provisions, and the aspirations of certain segments of society. While his endorsement of a Hindu Rashtra aligns with the beliefs of some, questions arise regarding the practicality of such a shift within the legal framework of the country.

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