VIDEO: Vote for BJP or you will go to hell, BJP MP tells people

BJP's Telangana MP D Arvind with Narendra Modi

Telangana: A video of Nizamabad Lok Sabha MP D Arvind saying that people will go to hell if they don’t support BJP after benefitting from schemes implemented by Narendra Modi’s government has gone viral, as reported by PTI.

In the video, Arvind is seen addressing a gathering at a Vijay Sankalp Yatra recently, requesting the people not to “bite the hand that is feeding them”.

“You are getting free food, free gas, good schools are being set up. He (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) is taking care of your health. He is sending money for marriages. He is giving loans to SHGs. It is Narendra Modi who has abolished triple talaq and ensured your self respect.

After all this, if you vote for Congress or BRS, ‘uparwala’ (God) will take you to hell. You will not go to heaven. I am saying that you will go to hell. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” the BJP MP was seen saying in the video.

He appealed to the gathering that if they want to go to heaven , they should support and vote for those who are giving services to the country and securing it, alluding to his party the BJP.

“Otherwise God also will not pardon you people,” he was seen to be telling the crowd.

He was also seen in another video stating that all Hindus should be united and vote for the BJP, failing which they would go to hell.

The real traitors are those who are in Hindu society and do not support BJP, he was found to be saying in this video.

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