Ahead of polls, cops seize 770kg explosives at RSS leader’s home in Kerala

Hindutva men holding the RSS flag.

Kannur: Kerala Police recently conducted an operation in Poyiloor, Kannur district, where they discovered a substantial cache of 770 kilograms of explosives, Maktoob media reported.

These explosives were found in the residences of Vadakayil Pramod, a local head of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), and his relative Vadakayil Shanta. Pramod is currently missing.

The operation was initiated based on confidential information. The police stated that the explosives were believed to be intended for illegal distribution. Consequently, legal proceedings have been initiated, with two cases registered in connection with the incident.

Expressing concerns over the situation, the police emphasised their efforts to ensure the safety and security of the region, especially with the Lok Sabha elections approaching.

This discovery has raised alarm among locals, particularly given past incidents. Last year, there was an explosion during bomb-making near Eranjolipalam in Kannur, resulting in severe injuries to Vishnu, a youth affiliated with the RSS.

Vishnu suffered injuries, including shattered palms, in the incident, which occurred while he was making a bomb in a field near his house. This incident marked the second instance within 30 days of Hindutva cadres suffering injuries while making bombs.

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