‘Sabse bada haftebaazi’: Rahul Gandhi takes jibe at Modi on electoral bonds scheme

Rahul Gandhi addressing a media gathering.

Wayanad: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi slammed Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi’s claims on the electoral bond scheme and said it is a ‘Haftebaazi’ scheme conceptualised by Modi himself.

Talking to reporters in Wayanad, Gandhi said, “Electoral bonds is Narendra Modi’s master scheme. The whole idea was his. He said this was done to bring transparency to politics. Then why were the names kept hidden? Who was stopping the release of data after the Supreme Court asked? This is the country’s biggest ‘haftebaazi’ scheme conceptualised by the Prime Minister.” 

Earlier, campaigning for the Lok Sabha polls in Wayanad, Gandhi said the prime minister was defending the biggest corruption scandal on the planet. “I don’t know if you saw his interview with ANI yesterday (Monday).

I don’t know if you saw his face, his eyes…he was trying to defend the biggest corruption scandal on the planet through which BJP has got thousands of crores of rupees by extorting from India’s businessmen…” 

Gandhi charged the prime minister is the “instrument” of a few richest people in the country and never talks about issues like unemployment and inflation.

“Narendra Modi is the instrument of 5-6 of India’s biggest richest business people. His goal is to distract India’s people from the real issues. That is why sometimes you will see him doing puja underneath the sea, sometimes he tells the people of India we will bring the Olympics to India. Another time he will say we are going to send one man to the Moon. He never talks about unemployment or price rise. He protects the richest people in the country and forgives their bank loans,” Gandhi said.

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