Doordarshan changes logo colour to saffron

New Delhi: News television channel DD News, the flagship channel of state-run broadcaster Doordarshan, on Tuesday launched a new saffron-coloured logo that replaces its red one.

The updated logo and colors officially debuted at 12 am on Tuesday, replacing the former yellow and blue design. Alongside the logo, the channel’s on-screen color scheme has also been shifted to saffron.

Explaining the rebranding, Doordarshan stated, “While our values remain unchanged, we are presenting ourselves in a new avatar. Prepare for a news experience like never before. Explore the all-new DD News!”

The announcement highlighted the channel’s commitment to delivering accurate and honest news, with the Director-General asserting that they are pursuing journalism characterized by truth and courage in a revamped presentation.

However, this alteration has drawn criticism from various quarters, particularly because it coincides with opposition accusations of bias in Doordarshan’s coverage and programming favoring the BJP.

Earlier controversies involving Doordarshan, such as the broadcast of an interview featuring Narendra Modi and Bill Gates, have fueled concerns about the channel’s impartiality.

Unofficially, the Election Commission indicated that airing the interview could breach the Model Code of Conduct, leading to protests against Prasar Bharati’s decision to broadcast it.

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