24-hour notice served to Aksa Mall due to lack of maintenance

Srinagar: SMC officials gave a 24 hour notice to the authorities of Aksa Mall today asking all the shops and offices to close down immediately due to the lack of maintenance of washrooms.

The officials from the municipal authorities barged into each office asking the people to vacate, “take whatever you need. You might not be able to take it later”, one official said.

The owner of Aksa Mall, speaking to FreePressKashmir said “We were given a notice of 21 days on the 16th of this month. I don’t understand why they are shutting us down now. This is harassment.”

SMC Incharge Shafqat Khan told the mall authorities to sign an affidavit. He also granted 24 hours to fix all problems in the mall.

Khan, while confronting the owners added that this is such a huge public facility in the heart of the city and it should not at all be in the ‘present condition’.

“This cannot go on like this. Please fix all issues within 24-hours. After that no one can stop me from sealing this mall,” Khan said.


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