ISIS suicide bombing in Gaza kills 2, injures 5

Gaza: A suicide bomber, apparently a member of Islamic State (ISIS) blew himself up on Thursday near the borders between southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah and Egypt, Hamas interior ministry spokesman said.

Eyad al-Bozzom said in an official statement emailed to reporters that a security incident happened early on Thursday at the borderline between southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah and Egypt.

“An interior border security force stopped two persons who approached the borders with Egypt, then one of them blew himself up, where he was killed and the other was wounded,” said al-Bozzom.

He added that one of the force’s security officers was seriously wounded and was taken to Abu Yousef al-Najjar Hospital in the town for urgent medical treatment.

“The security apparatuses in the Gaza Strip began immediately combing the area and started to investigate the incident,” said al-Bozzom.

Reportedly, “the two are apparently members in the Islamic State (ISIS) and they were trying to cross the borders with Egypt into the Egyptian Peninsula of Sinai.”

It would be the first time a suicide attack has targeted Hamas forces in Gaza, reports were quoted saying.

In recent weeks, and according to security understandings reached between Hamas and Egypt in Cairo in June, the Hamas-run security forces built up a buffer zone on the borders with Egypt to prevent smuggling individuals and goods.

Israel, the only other country Gaza borders, has maintained a decade-long blockade on the strip.

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