Burhan Wani posters show up at Muharram procession in Hasanabad

Srinagar: Pro-Kashmir and pro-Burhan Wani posters and slogans were raised in a Muharram procession in Hasanabad, Srinagar on Thursday.

The Muharram procession which came from Kathi-Darwaza to Hasanabad carried posters of the slain commander Burhan Wani who was killed in a gunfight with the forces in June last year in 2016.

“The procession was pro-struggle and pro-resistance and not particularly against some specific tyrant. It was about justice,” a local speaking to the FreePressKashmir said.

The youth of the locality had taken to the walls and discarded cartoons to paint anti-Israel and anti-America graffiti.

“Muharram is basically a protest against all forms of oppression. Muharram is a voice of the oppressed people, like of the people here in Kashmir,” he added.

Stencil art of the Israeli and American flags were made on the road, and stencils of Donald Trump and Aung Suu Kyi were made too.

“The procession walked all over it, and it is almost rubbed off now,” another local Shahriyar said.

Kulo Yomin Ashura, Kulo Ardhin Karbala is a saying which means that every day is Ashura and every land is Karbala, and we believe that when we come out to protest against the oppression by oppressors in Burma and America,” he added.

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