Thrashing of Kashmiris in Tihar: Lives of all political prisoners at risk, says JRL

Srinagar: The Joint Resistance Leadership on Tuesday said that the ghastly incident of thrashing of Kashmiri prisoners in the Tihar jail has put the lives of all political prisoners at risk.

Appealing international organizations including United Nations Human Rights Commission Asia watch and Amnesty International for their cognizance, the leadership stressed to take notice of the inhuman and hostile treatment meted out to detainees lodged in Tihar jail.

The leadership sought help from international agencies and asked to provide suitable treatment to those injured in recent thrashing incident and ensure their security and safety.

JRL while referring to Supreme court ruling, demanded shifting of prisoners, saying detainees are subjected to vengeance, and despite sufficient accommodation in local jails, they are shifted to outside jails and as such their families face immense difficulties to seek meeting with their wards.

“They even ignore the ruling of Supreme Court regarding prisoners wherein it has clearly directed state authorities to lodge detainees adjacent to their home cities,” read the JRL statement.

Criticizing authorities for their callous approach, JRL said, “It is extreme state sponsored oppression and their tall claims and rhetoric about humanity and democracy are a mere hoax.”

Terming the thrashing incident in Tihar jail an extremely inhuman and immoral act and blaming authorities for their bigoted mindset, JRL added that these coward attacks are being carried on their (govt) directions.

Resistance leaders strongly condemned the thrashing of Syed Shahid Yusuf in the high security ward of Tihar jail, saying that on behest of jail authorities, criminals are attacking and taking extreme steps against Kashmiri detainees.

JRL also added that these criminals have admitted that they are carrying out the orders of jail administration and attacking and injuring Kashmiri prisoners.

Resistance leaders said that the attack on Syed Shahid Yusuf and other prisoners was carried by the jail administration, saying that the 18 accused were injured by Tamil Nadu Police, deputed in Tihar jail and added that Dr Gh Mohd Bhat, Ahtisham, Shazad Ahmad, Mohd Subhan, Ayaz Akbar, Raja Meraj u Din Kalwal, Altaf Ahmad Shah, Mohd Aslam Wani and Dr Waseem are lodged in same ward.

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