10 ml of cow urine everyday has kept me healthy, cured my father of cancer, says BJP lawmaker

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New Delhi: Shankarbhai N Vegad, a BJP lawmaker from Gujarat said in the Upper House of the Indian Parliament that cow urine has kept him healthy at the age of 76. He also added that it is not only him who has benefited from cow urine but it has cured his father of cancer.

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The ruling party’s MP made these comments while discussing a bill moved by another BJP leader Subramanian Swamy which demands that the a stable population of cows in India should be ensured.

In a report filed by the Indian Express, Vegad was quoted as saying, ” “For 10 years, I have been drinking cow urine…by mixing 10 ml urine in one litre of lukewarm water, and then I don’t have anything till afternoon. And I am 76 years today, but I have no ailments. I am a live example (of this),” Vegad said.

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The Gujarat MP even vouching for its efficacy, and said that cow urine could treat cancer in the “first or second stage”, and he had witnessed it after his father was cured.

Another lawmaker who belongs to the Samajwadi Party, said that the government should declare cow as a ‘national being.’ He argued that calling a cow an ‘animal’ hurts the religious sentiments of people.

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While going a mile further, Javed Ali Khan, added that Narendra Modi has ‘hugged’ permiers of various countries who eat beef, including the US President Donald Trump and the Israeli PM.

He stressed that the Government of India should snap ties with all those countries which consume beef.

“We should warn these leaders from the US and Israel that if you love us, love our culture also. Why should we be friends with the US? If you eat beef, then you are our enemy. If you trade in beef, then you are our enemy,” The Express report quoted Khan.



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