Present regime would be remembered for its ‘snatch eye sight policy’, says Malik

Chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Mohammad Yasin Malik on Wednesday said that the present ‘tyrant’ regime would be remembered for it’s ‘snatch eye sight policy’.

Malik paid a visit to the SMHS hospital and met people who have sustained pellet and bullet injuries during recent protests.

In a statement, JKLF said that most of these injured may lose their vision and many are on the brink of losing it. “Most of them are from South Kashmir. Yasin sahib met with these victims and their families, talked to doctors and enquired about the status of their health,” said the statement.

While talking to the victims of ‘state terrorism’ JKLF chairman said that from 2016, tyrant rulers are pursuing a policy to kill and maim Kashmiri youth and snatching the eye sight of these young Kashmiris by pellets has remained the most infamous tactic of these callous rulers.

“It seems that Mehbooba regime, obeying the orders of her Nagpur Masters has decided to snatch eye sights of more and more Kashmiris and turn them blind. This is why these callous people are hell bent upon using pellets as a tool to achieve their target, “said Malik.

JKLF chairman said that Indian rulers and their Kashmiri stooges in the form of PDP led ruling regime have turned into vampires whose thirst for Kashmiri blood is not relinquishing by any means.

He added that no one among the champions of human rights and propagators of humanity is daring to stop Indian rulers from using the deadly pellet guns against Kashmiris because they fear a jolt to their economic interests in the big Indian market, “JKLF chairman said.

“The very existence of this world is endangered as economic interest have become more important than humanity, principles and human rights of a poor nation and by adopting such inhuman policies ,international community especially the nation’s leading it have turned this world more dangerous place to live in,”asserted Yasin Malik


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