Kashmiri writer’s ‘global vision’: 29-year old Naveed Qazi starts a digital mag with international focus

With the advancement of technology, the trend of online publications is growing. Keeping up with the virtual world, a 29-year old Kashmiri writer Naveed Qazi has been investing his time creating content for a digital magazine ‘Globe Up Front’.

Set up in Kashmir with an aim to reflect the political realities of the world, as he believes that “a place such as Kashmir, many things have been left out, when it comes to perceptions outside the subcontinent.”

Globe Up Front, Qazi says was a blog started around seven years ago. This month, he converted it into a ‘full-fledged’ website which will exclusively focus on the political changes taking place globally.

“It will take an in-depth narrative aimed for the readers. Currently, it will be ad-free and at no subscription charge,” says Qazi adding that various journalists in Kashmir, too, have started to show faith in this platform.

“I am not against regional news making, but in the end, my platform is an attempt to bridge this divide,” he says

Targeting tech-savvy readers, he believes, “Kashmiris, as individuals, should have a know-how of things happening around the world, and not just about the subcontinent and the vale.”

Globe Up Front will focus exclusively on political changes taking place around the world.

Qazi has grown up in the Bagh-e-Mehtab suburb of Srinagar, 7 km away from city centre Lal Chowk. After his B.Com from Kashmir, he went to the United Kingdom to pursue a Master’s Degree in International Business. He graduated in 2012 from the University of Hertfordshire.

Qazi has also self-published a novel ‘The Trader of War Stories’ and ‘Musings on Global Politics’ an anthology of his newspaper columns and unpublished essays, through Amazon’s CreateSpace back in January 2018.

“The book launch was successful, which happened in March. I have got an appreciation for the plot of my novel and the content of my anthology,” he says further detailing that the novel is about Matteo Costello, the protagonist who is an immigrated Italian living in Britain and is tasked by his editor based in London to cover stories from war zones around the world.

“The plot is a ‘fictitious memoir’ and reflects the protagonist’s cultural experiences and also his family and work relationships at the same time. The plot also suddenly revolves around Kashmir during the ending of the story,” says Qazi.

“I want my readers to become articulate conservationists, avid readers and even writers by seeking help from my platform,” he says.

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