Western feminism has degraded the role of mothers, says Imran Khan, draws flak

Imran Khan, cricket-turned-politician and founder of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party (PTI), plans to turn the country into a “Naya Pakistan”. But he raked up a controversy recently when during an interview he said that “Western feminism has degraded the role of mothers”.

Khan told the interviewer that his mother played a deeply influential role in his upbringing.

“Children learn from their mothers. Mother tongue comes from mother… I disagree with the feminism movement that has degraded the role of a mother,” he said in an interview with Hum News.

The remarks, however, were deemed ‘anti-women’ and drew backlash on social media, with several users commenting that Khan had misunderstood the concept of feminism.

While some users said the leader should be better briefed on such issues or refrain from commenting on them, others said they were not really surprised by his comments as “that is the one thing Pakistani men are best at”.


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