PDP MLAs are being coerced, threatened with NIA raids: Mehbooba

PDP party president and former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti said that her MLAs were being coerced and threatened to leave her party with NIA raids, reported News18.

Alleging of horse-trading at BJP without naming the party, she said that several of the party’s MLAs had told her that tremendous pressure was being applied on them in order to wean them away from their party.

“I’m not saying that New Delhi is doing it but I did talk to some people in New Delhi and told them that a perception is being created through media reports that MLAs can be bought with money or be motivated to leave PDP for important cabinet portfolios, and if they’re rejecting even this, they’re being threatened with NIA raids,” Mehbooba Mufti told News18.

“Kashmir is a place where separatism, mainstream politics and militancy often co-exist, but the threat of NIA was introducing an element of doubt in the valley which would threaten its fabric greatly,” she added.

In response to her previous statement that a break in the party would mean  resurgence in militancy and bearing more Salahuddins, Mehbooba said, “If you break PDP, how will you face the person who braved bullets and other threats to vote for National Conference or PDP or Congress? You’ll break their faith in democracy.”

She stated that such attempts would re-create the 1984 situation where Farooq Abdullah was dismissed and his brother was instated.

Days after terming ‘any hand’ of New Delhi behind her party’s disgruntlement as a serious matter, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president and the former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti Friday warned the NDA-government that any attempt of breaking PDP will give birth to more Salahuddins and Yasin Maliks in Kashmir.

Mufti who earlier cracked whip on rebels in her partyfold was speaking at Naqeshbandh Sahab shrine where she turned up with her party members early today to pay her obeisance to 1931 martyrs.

“If Delhi, tries to dismiss the voting rights of people like 1987, if it tries to create divisions & interfere like that then I think just like a Salahuddin and a Yasin Malik were born in 1987…if it tries to break PDP like that then outcomes will be dangerous,” Mufti said.

Opposition leader, Omar Abdullah while reacting to Mufti’s remarks, tweeted: “Let me put this out here for all to remember NOT ONE NEW MILITANT WILL BE CREATED WITH THE BREAK UP OF THE PDP. People will not mourn the demise of a party created in Delhi only to divide the votes of Kashmiris.”

State Congress President Ghulam Ahmad Mir derided Mufti’s remarks saying PDP president and her party are equally responsible for the political mess in the state and that PDP should have talk like this in 2014, when it entered into an alliance with BJP.

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