Authorities forcing our children to participate in August 15 function, allege parents and schools

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Srinagar: While the frisking of general masses in Kashmir ‘for security purposes’ is reaching its peak as August 15 August is approaching, parents of school going students are alleging that the schools are forcing them to send their wards to participate in the event.

According to officials, the higher-ups are threatening to stop their file work, if they fail to make the participation of students a success.

Usually, on occasions like August 15 or 26 January, one sees school children performing in the Bakshi stadium, Srinagar in front of various government officials. Lately, such students have received criticism on social media for taking part in such occasions. If the students choose to go, they face the ire of the general masses and if they choose not to go, the school authorities are threatened by the Administrators.

As per the parents, the Deputy Commissioner along other authorities are laying stress for the participation of students from private and government schools to participate in the upcoming Independence Day celebration.

With “too much stress coming from the higher-ups,” an official on condition of anonymity told Free Press Kashmir that they had tried talking to the parents of some students.

“I spoke to one of the parents and he asked me to send my daughter first. I was speechless. Everyone is insecure about sending their children to participate in events like this,” the official said adding that they had faced problems after they decided not to participate in January 26 celebrations.

“We are still paying for the repercussions of not participating in the Republic Day celebrations. They have stopped our file work at the official level. They are threatening to cancel our registrations,” the official added.

“It shouldn’t be a compulsion. We don’t want to plunge our students in that fire. If I ask you the same question, how will you respond? Nobody is ready to send children to celebrate events like these,” he maintained.

In a written message to the media the Director of a private school in Islamabad township has accused the District administration of forcing the students from private schools to participate in the Independence day functions scheduled to be held in Dak Bungalow of Islamabad (Anantnag) district.

In a telephonic conversation, another owner of a private School accusing the administration officials of being inconsiderate to the security of children said that the admin has warned them of dire consequences if they do not participate in the said function.

“They have said that they will not allow the registration processes to flow smoothly, if they do not participate in the 15 August Functions, moreover it was stressed upon girl students be made to participate in huge numbers.”

Despite repeated attempts, the concerned authorities were not available for comment.


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