Imran Khan borrows waistcoat from National Assembly employee to pose for photo

From the left, National Assembly employee waits patiently as Imran Khan poses with his waistcoat

Pakistan’s Prime Minister-in-waiting Imran Khan borrowed a National Assembly employee’s waistcoat to pose for a photograph for his parliamentary registration card, a media report said on Monday, PTI reported.

Khan arrived for the session sporting a traditional white salwar kameez. He got himself registered for the Parliament and then borrowed the waistcoat to pose for a registration card picture, Urdu langauge daily Jang reported.

One of the NA employees took off his black waistcoat and gave it to Khan. The employee also helped Khan wear the waistcoat after which the chief sat on a stool to get himself clicked, the paper said.

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Khan attended the first session of the 15th National Assembly and took oath of Member of the National Assembly from outgoing speaker Ayaz Sadiq. He was amidst 329 newly-elected members of the National Assembly who took the oath.

He also shook hands and posed for a photo with Pakistan Peoples Party chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who is entering the National Assembly for his maiden term.

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Earlier, the first session of Pakistan’s newly elected parliament started on Monday in Islamabad, in which 331 members of the lower house of the parliament took oath after their election in the July 25 countrywide polls.

Earlier, Imran Khan, the Prime Minister elect of Pakistan during his first public address after the elections has said that he has envisioned a ‘Medina-like Islamic Welfare State which will be sympathetic towards the weaker sections of the society. Khan, who is the chief of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, which has emerged as the single largest party of Pakistan, Khan shared his vision for the country and pledged to safeguard the interests of ordinary citizens.




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