Afghanistan: Two journalists killed in car bombing; explosion in wrestling gym kills four

Image credit: TOLOnews

An explosion targeted a wrestling gym Kabul’s PD6 in Qala-e-Nazer area on Wednesday, killing at least four people. The explosion took place the Moalem wrestling club at 6 pm.

Public Health Ministry officials said that at least four people had been killed and eight wounded in the incident.

Police said that initial reports indicate a suicide bomber detonated his explosives while standing among athletes at the wrestling club.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan news agency TOLOnews lost two of its journalists, Samim Faramarz, journalist, and Ramiz Ahmadi, cameraman during the live coverage of the wrestling gym explosion when a car exploded, killing 16 and wounding 65.

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Farmarz had been reporting live from the scene of the first explosion on TOLOnews 6pm bulletin – just minutes before the explosion happened, TOLOnews reported. Both had actively tried to depict the conflict and violence in the country.

“This is the second black Wednesday for Afghanistan’s media family,” it stated.

TOLOnews earlier lost another one of its employees in an explosion in Kabul in April.

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