If we start storing urine of entire country, then we will not need to import urea, says BJP’s Nitin Gadkari

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari while addressing young innovators at the Mayor Innovation Awards function of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation has said that India should store its urine and make urea, reported the Indian Express.  

Talking about importance of innovation, he gave the example of how bio-fuels can be extracted from natural waste. Even human urine can be useful for making a bio-fuel and it can also yield ammonium sulfate and nitrogen, he said.

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“I have asked for storage of urine at airports. We import urea, but if we start storing urine of entire country then we will not need to import urea, so much potential it has, and nothing will be wasted,” the minister said.

“Other people do not cooperate with me because all my ideas are fantastic,” the minister, known for his outspoken ways, said.

“Even the (municipal) corporation will not help, because in government, people are trained to be like (blinkered) bulls who walk in the rut, not looking here and there,” he said.

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