Time has come to review AFSPA, need to address concerns of rights’ activists as well as soldiers: General Hooda

Lt General (Retd) DS Hooda has said that time has come to review the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). Hooda said that AFSPA some people are saying the Congress in their manifesto has said that they will remove the Act.

They have not spoken about review but of removal, Hooda said in an interview with the TV 9.

“My personal view point is that time has come to review AFSPA. There are two reasons to it. There is talk about human rights violations as there are sections in the Act which are draconian, permit killings and those should be reviewed. I also believe that the present act is not giving protection to our soldiers which they otherwise should get.”

Hooda added, ” I say that because last year around 700 officers went to Supreme Court saying that AFSPA has been diluted. So I think there are concerns from both the sides. Not only the civil society and the human rights activists but soldiers are also concerned.

In the same interview Hooda had said that ‘surgical strikes’ were carried out during the tenure of UPA also.

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