Hindu hand in temple vandalism in Australia’s Brisbane: Queensland police

The walls of Shree Laxmi Narayan Temple in Brisbane vandalised in Brisbane, Australia in March, 2023. [Photo: Twitter]

Jalandhar: The Queensland state police in Australia have shared their investigation findings regarding the defacement of a temple’s outer wall in Brisbane.

It appears that they are considering closing the case due to a lack of leads from the complainants. The graffiti, which initially was blamed on pro-Khalistan elements, is now being suggested as potentially having a “Hindu hand” involved, Times of India reported.

Since there are no identified suspects in the case, investigators have put forward a theory that suggests that individuals from the Hindu community may have defaced their own temple. They believe this could have been done intentionally after disabling the key CCTV cameras.

The report said they also suspect that the person responsible for similar incidents in Victoria may have infiltrated a Sikh rally in Brisbane on March 4.

It’s worth noting that three more temples in Australia have been defaced since January, prompting concerns and investigations.

The Australian police have released several investigation documents to Sikh activist and author Bhabishan Singh Goraya, who had raised concerns that Sikhs were being accused of vandalism without a proper inquiry.

Additionally, the report from the Australian solicitor’s office mentions communication from senior detective Nicole Doyle to security intelligence officers regarding the Sikhs for Justice organization, which conducts unofficial “Khalistan referendums” in various countries.

The report also mentions an anonymous female source who provided information from the Sikhs for Justice events to certain Hindu groups. It suggests that this source may have mental health issues or an attention-seeking disorder. Detective Doyle found it unusual that the temple’s CCTV cameras were not functional and raised the possibility that the graffiti might have been carried out by individuals within the Hindu community to divert attention away from the Sikhs for Justice organization.

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