Dr Kafeel Khan booked over writing against Yogi-led UP government in his book

Dr Kafeel Khan.

Lucknow: An FIR has been filed against Kafeel Khan, a former physician at BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur, and five unidentified individuals for the publication of his book, some content of which is purportedly critical of the Uttar Pradesh government.

Jitendra Pratap Singh, SHO Krishna Nagar, Lucknow, told IANS, “The FIR has been lodged under various sections of the IPC and for violating provisions of the Press and Registration of Books Act, based on a complaint filed by businessman Manish Shukla of Krishna Nagar.”

According to the complaint, Dr Kafeel’s book was disseminated and sold among his supporters as a means to raise funds, establish his innocence, challenge the state government, and prevent the purportedly pro-Hindu central government from coming into power in 2024.

The complainant asserted overhearing a conversation where four or five individuals discussed the necessity of creating a conflict between communities to obtain funds for a clandestine expedition.

Kafeel Khan had faced suspension from service in 2017 following allegations of child deaths due to oxygen shortage in the medical facility.

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