Hindu and Hindutva are different, says Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah.

Bengaluru. Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has asserted that there is a difference between Hinduism and Hindutva.

Speaking at the 139th Congress Foundation Day in the Bharat Jodo auditorium, he emphasised the worship of Ram, the construction of Ram Mandirs, and the observance of Ram Bhajans.

He criticized the BJP’s Hindutva, labeling it as artificial, as reported by IANS.

According to him, none from the BJP, Jan Sangh, RSS, or Sangh Parivar had actively opposed the British during their rule. Siddaramaiah argued that the Congress, not these organizations, led the freedom struggle.

Highlighting Congress’s achievements post-independence, he claimed that all dams in India were built during Nehru and Congress governments, contrasting this with the BJP’s alleged lack of dam construction.

Siddaramaiah accused the BJP of spreading misinformation and credited the late PM Rajiv Gandhi for initiating widespread internet expansion.

Stressing social justice as a Congress contribution, he expressed confidence in the party’s resurgence through struggle.

Anticipating Rahul Gandhi’s leadership, Siddaramaiah asserted that Rahul Gandhi would become the Prime Minister and lead the country.

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