Farmers protest: March to Parliament stopped in Noida; section 144 imposed, borders sealed

Hundreds of protesting farmers stopped by police near Mahamaya Flyover in Noida as they try to march to the Parliament.

Noida: On Thursday, hundreds of farmers engaged in a prolonged protest near the Mahamaya Flyover in Noida were intercepted by police as they attempted to march towards the Parliament. Noida authorities have imposed section 144 and have closed all borders for 24 hours

The farmers, affiliated with various groups in Noida and Greater Noida, have been actively demonstrating since December 2023, advocating for higher compensation and the allocation of developed plots for the land they had earlier relinquished to local development authorities.

The police intervention led to a standoff between the authorities and the agitated farmers, who insist on bringing their grievances to the attention of policymakers in Delhi.

The farmers argue that their demands are crucial for securing fair compensation and adequate provisions for their resettlement.

Tensions have been escalating in recent weeks as the farmers’ movement gains momentum, with their determined efforts to address longstanding issues related to land compensation and development. The situation near the Mahamaya Flyover remains fluid, with both protesters and police closely monitoring the unfolding events.

The farmers vow to persist in their peaceful demonstration, emphasizing the importance of their demands for the well-being of their communities. As the standoff continues, authorities are faced with the delicate task of managing the situation while ensuring that the voices of the protesting farmers are heard and addressed.

Though the authority stated in a written agreement on September 16 last year that they will provide jobs to affected families and other demands, the state government of Uttar Pradesh did not act on them during the last four months.

The farmers assembled in front of the GNIDA office and declared to continue the struggle till all the assurances of revising the circle rate of land, provide higher compensation, 40 square metre house plots to landless, employment to affected families, 10% developed land back to the families are implemented.

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