Hezbollah shoots down Israeli military drone in Lebanon, says IDF

IDF Hermes 450 drone was shot down by a Hezbollah missile over southern Lebanon, Feb 26, 2024. [Photo: X]

The Israeli army has confirmed  that Hezbollah had shot down its military drone in Lebanese territory. The Israel Defense Forces said it was striking Hezbollah targets “deep” in Lebanon after the group shot down a military drone hours earlier.

Earlier on Monday, the Lebanon-based Hezbollah resistance group said it shot down an Israeli Hermes 450 model with a surface-to-air missile over the Tuffah region of southern Lebanon.

Tension has flared along the border between Lebanon and Israel amid intermittent exchange of fire between Israeli forces and Hezbollah, in the deadliest clashes since the two sides fought a full-scale war in 2006.

The border tension comes amid an Israeli military offensive in the Gaza Strip following a cross-border attack by Hamas on Oct. 7.

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