VIDEO: Give me 400 seats so that Congress does not put Babri lock on Ram Temple, Modi tells people in MP

Narendra Modi

Dhar: During an election campaigning rally in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has said that he needs at least 400 seats, to prevent the Congress party from obstructing progress on the Ram Temple construction in Ayodhya.

“Modi needs 400 seats so that Congress does not put Babri lock on Ram Temple in Ayodhya…,” Modi said during the rally. A video of the statement was also shared on X by news agency IANS.

Earlier, during a rally in Khargone, Modi said India has reached a turning point in history and the people have to decide whether it will be run by “vote jihad” or Ram Rajya, PTI reported.

Addressing a rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone district, Modi hit out at the opposition Congress, saying its intent is very dangerous and it calls for “vote jihad” against him.

“India is at a turning point in history; you have to decide if vote jihad will work or Ram Rajya,” PTI quoted him saying.

“INDI alliance partners are not bothered about the fate of masses…they are fighting elections to save their dynasty,” Modi said targeting the opposition bloc.

For the opposition INDIA alliance partners, their “viraasat” (dynasty) is more important than the country and they can go to any extent to save their power, he said.

Modi asked the people whether they have heard the popular saying “Apna kaam banta…” (to be concerned only about own work), to which members of the gathering added “bhaad me jaaye janata” (not concerned about others).

“Terrorists in Pakistan are threatening jihad against India. And here, those in the Congress have also announced to do vote jihad against Modi…that means people of a particular religion are being asked to vote unitedly against Modi. Imagine what level the Congress has stooped to,” Modi said

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