Tassaduq Mufti concerned over exponential increase in ‘dog bite cases’

‘SMC not doing enough to control canine menace’

Srinagar: Expressing deep concern over the alarming increase in ‘dog bite cases’ in the summer capital of Srinagar, the Chief Minister’s Grievance Cell has sought an action taken report in this regard from the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC).

“I am deeply concerned by the news items carried by leading newspapers and grievances received daily regarding the exponential increase in ‘dog bite cases’ in Srinagar city,”Tassaduq Mufti, Coordinator CM’s Grievance Cell has said in a communication addressed to Dr Shafqat Khan, Commissioner, SMC.

“I shall be grateful if the action taken and the road map in this regard is shared with the Chief Minister’s Grievance Cell,” the communication further reads.

According to the communication, reports of more than 16000 dog bite cases during past three years reveals that SMC has not done enough to keep under check the canine menace caused by more than 19000 stray dogs in the city.

“These stray dogs keep on chasing, attacking and biting pedestrians, morning walkers and two-wheeler riders. On a grave note elderly people and children seem to be the prime victims of such attacks,” it said.

It also added that SMC had recently announced that a Memorandum of Understanding had been signed with the unemployed Veterinary Doctors Association for its Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies Programme through pay per dog sterilization, “but unfortunately its results are barely visible on the ground.”

“We need to have a holistic response to this grave problem that is endangering human lives,” the communication said adding that the easily available high energy rich waste from households, poultry outlets, hotels, restaurants, butcher shops and weddings, dumping of Waste on roadside or in water bodies, open garbage sheds and slow pace of distribution of domestic garbage bins, un-utilized dog pounds have also aggravated this problem.

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