Even Gods don’t respect those without strength, says RSS Chief

Meerut: Mohan Bhagwat while addressing a gathering of workers said that Hindus need to unite as India is their responsibility and if the country didn’t do well it they they who will be questioned, said a report in the Indian Express.

He added that it was important to be strong, however added that the gathering he was addressing is not a show of strength.

“Say with pride that you are a Hindu. As Hindus, we have to unite because the responsibility of this country is upon us. From ancient time it is our home. We have nowhere else to go in this world. If anything wrong happens with this country, we will be responsible,” Bhagwat said.

While emphasizing that strength is important he said that even Gods don’t respect those who are not strong, Bhagwat said,” “Even gods take sacrifice of lambs because it is powerless. Even gods do not respect those without strength. This is not a show of strength. You don’t need to show strength, it is visible when it is there.”

He said hard-line Hindutva stands for commitment to truth and commitment to Ahimsa. “When we become hardliners we will celebrate diversity more,” he said, before adding a note of caution: “But the world has a rule that it listens to good things only when there is a power standing behind them.”

He said the objective of the Indian nation was most supreme. “All nations are formed with an objective, said Vivekanand. Rome was created for power. Greece came into being to showcase the principle of beauty. France was created with the idea of Art. Their objective is over and so are the respective nations. But India came into being on the idea of life. That objective is never going to be over. And so our nation is immortal.”

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