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Fact Check: Did Modi and Xi ‘mate’ 6 times in 24 hours? NO!

On April 27, a picture of a report published in the Times of India circulated on the social media, with the headline which says ‘Modi, Xi will mate 6 times in 24 hours’.

The report has been filed from Wuhan, the location where the two leaders have met.

In what seemed to be a typographical error by Times of India in the headline, the line that seemed hilarious and was widely shared on social media turned out to be a fake.

If you zoom in on the image, and turn your contrast the right way, the blur around the word will point out, that the original word ‘meet’ has been removed, and the word ‘mate’ written on top


Here is the real headline.

Infact, Times of India has clarified that the image is fake.

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