Man dies after being ‘ruthlessly beaten by 5 men’ over rumours of selling his daughter, 2nd incident in UP

A screen-grab of the video

In a yet another vicious lynching incident reported in India’s Uttar Pradesh state, a middle aged man lost his life after being ruthlessly beaten by five men at his home over “rumours of selling his daughter.”

A similar incident was reported a day ago in which a man was beaten to death in the presence of policemen in state’s Kushinagar area.

According to a report by a Delhi based news organization NDTV, opposition political parties of the state claim that assault on the man identified as Sarvesh Diwakar, was carried out by “right-wing activists”.

However, the state police have denied the claim made by the political party.

Diwakar, according to the report, who is from the Scheduled Caste community, used to sell confectionery on a cart and had been living in a rented home in western UP’s Mainpuri along with his 16-year-old daughter who used to work as a domestic helper and also study at a local school.

Due to the bad financial conditions at home following COVID lockdown, Diwakar found it hard to earn the money and sent his daughter to live with relatives for some time as both father and daughter were not able to find work.

Meanwhile, when his daughter went to her relative’s house, a rumour started circulating in the area that the man had sold his daughter, the report said.

On the basis of such rumours, the man was assaulted brutally by five men, as the footage of the assault came on a camera, shot from a distance shows five men kicking and slapping Diwakar on the terrace of his home.

As the man appears to beg for mercy to the attackers; however, the fierce assault does not stop even after he falls to the ground and appears motionless.

Reacting to the incident, a UP based political party Samajwadi Party, shared a clip of the incident and named a “right-wing group” and alleged that the group was involved in the furious incident.

Commenting on this, the former Cheif Minister of UP and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief, Mayawati said that rising cases of shooting, killings in the state “are very sad”.

“Yesterday in UP, Sarvesh Kumar, a Dalit, was beaten to death in Mainpuri and similarly Gobind Chauhan in Maharajganj, Rajveer Maurya in Shahjahanpur, Wasid in Bareilly, Sudhir Singh in Kushinagar and Vinod Garg (Brahmin) in Banda. Incidents of shooting, killing etc. are very sad,” Mayawati tweeted.

However, UP Police have denied the involvement of any group or party in the brutal incident.

“The police had reached the spot and taken the man to hospital. He died there at the district hospital. We immediately took cognizance of the video and have arrested four of the five men seen in it. We have not established any connection of the accused men to any outfit so far. In the eyes of the law they are mere criminals. Please do not spread rumours,” the Mainpuri police said in a statement issued to media.

Also, the statement did not name the men or explain how they managed to carry out such a brazen attack on the man.

On Monday, a man accused of murder in Kushinagar UP, was beaten to death in the presence of policemen as mob was seen beating him with sticks, unchecked by the police, in a chilling video of the incident.

Observing negligence, authorities later suspended the police station in-charge. As shown in the video, the man’s head appeared to have been bashed in and the ground was splattered with blood by the time the crowd was done with him.


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