Palestinians’ struggle for freedom is not terror: Mustafa Barghouti

Israel carries out a massacre bombing in Palestine. [Photo: X/WAFA News]

Mustafa Barghouti, a member of the Palestinian National Council, strongly criticized the American stance that he believes is contributing to the dehumanization of Palestinians.

In his statement, he emphasized his opposition to terrorism in any form, while underscoring that the Palestinian quest for freedom should not be categorized as an act of terror.

Barghouti’s words highlight a broader issue surrounding the perception of the Palestinian struggle within the international community, particularly in the context of American and Israeli policies.

His firm stance against the dehumanisation of Palestinians underscores the importance of distinguishing between acts of terrorism and the broader pursuit of self-determination and freedom on the part of the Palestinian people.

The relentless Israeli bombardment of Palestinian territories has resulted in a devastating toll, with over 1,200 Palestinian lives tragically lost.

Despite international appeals for a ceasefire, the assault by Israeli forces continues, casting a dark shadow over the region and raising concerns about the ongoing humanitarian crisis. The conflict underscores the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to this long-standing and deeply complex issue, as the human cost of the ongoing violence continues to mount.

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