Police demands personal details of 1,400 JK students enrolled at AMU, students say ‘breach of privacy’

Police demands personal details of 1,400 JK students enrolled at AMU, students say ‘breach of privacy’

Aligarh: Aligarh Police has demanded personal details of 1,400 students belonging to Jammu and Kashmir enrolled at Aligarh Muslim University.

However, the JK students have opposed the move calling it an act of privacy breach. It clearly goes against the fundamental rights of the Constitution, students said as they demand scrapping of the order.

Meanwhile, the JK Students Association has urged Home Minister of India Amit Shah, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister to withdraw circular of profiling Jammu and Kashmiri students issued by Aligarh Muslim University on the directions of Aligarh Police.

In a statement National Convenor of Association Nasir Khuehami said that, Aligarh Police is seeking information of 1300 JK students enrolled in AMU. This is a discriminatory move, breaching privacy of JK students and clearly goes against the spirit of the Constitution. JK students studying at AMU have opposed this move and termed it an “act of snooping” on them.

He said that Aligarh Muslim University has been asked to immediately provide details of the students hailing from Jammu and Kashmir. The details which have been sought include the Name, Fathers Name, current address, permanent address, mobile number, along with details of courses and department. AMU has asked different departments to furnish details on Jammu and Kashmir students. The circular says ‘please attend this on priority as information is to be provided to Superintendent Police Aligarh’.

Khuehami said, this move is discriminatory towards students of Jammu and Kashmiri students. While no students of other state or Union territory of India are asked to furnish such details, why only J&K students are asked for such details? He said the profiling of J&K students will serve an impediment and obstacle to the integration of Jammu and Kashmiri youth to India. Such measures alienate and estrange the youth of Kashmir in general and students studying across India in particular.

The profiling has caused scepticism among students and has thrown them into anxiety. Such measures are causing immense vexation to Kashmiri students studying in AMU. It is strange that the authorities chose to target only Jammu and Kashmiri students. Was it to suggest that our students are different from the rest of country country? Khuehami asked AMU Administration.

National Spokesperson of Association Ummar Jamal also requested Home Minister of India Amit Shah and Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath to poste-haste look into the matter and take immediate steps to revoke the discriminatory circular. Ummar requested them that no sort of profiling of JK students should be done at AMU, because this makes Kashmiri students feel that they are strange.

“We request Home Minister to Kindly intervene in the matter and issue directions for cessation of the unfair profiling of Jammu and Kashmiri students, so that the students continue their studies hassle-free without difficulty” Ummar added.

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